Trigger Point Therapy

Our physiotherapist Dalibor Petrovic, with the experience of 15 years, successfully finds and treats painful points (trigger points) and in this way reduces or completely relieves pain in various parts of the body. Trigger points (trigger points) have over 90% of the world’s population. In the office, we will not only work on tearing down the pains created by the trigger points, but we will discover the cause of their formation, and therefore advise you how to prevent their re-reporting.

By using this technique, excellent results have been achieved in the treatment of many conditions, for example: sciatica, headache (migraine), pain in the bones, upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, leg pain, tingling in the legs, pain in the hands, tingling in the arms, shoulder pains, etc. Trigger points are places where muscle contraction has occurred, they are painful to the touch and can cause pain not only in places where they are localized but also in the surrounding regions. For example, if the trigger point is on a trapezoidal muscle (m. trapezius) that extends from the scapula to the neck, this trigger point can cause headaches in the area of the temples and behind the ear.

Trigger points can occur in a number of ways, if you are forced to work for long periods of time and that you are in the same position for a long time, forced to constantly carry out the same movements, inadequate lifting of heavy loads or injuries and joint disorders. A muscle with a trigger point is usually tough and painful to the touch, our physiotherapist will relax your muscles and, if necessary, stretch out. The effect will be felt immediately after therapy and the patient will go with reduced or completely removed pain.

Our clients are world-renowned athletes who come back to our physiotherapist for years.

After initial contact with our specialist you will receive complete treatment plan with estimated prices and detail description of the procedure.

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