Podology – foot care and medical foot treatment

The foot pathology is quite wide and includes changes in the skin, nails, soft tissue and foot bones. That is why the approach of the doctor-podologist in the treatment of foot problems is comprehensive, with the aim not only to solve the current problem, but also to restore the overall health and harmony of the foot.

Training and education with Adrian Arkada and Daniel Abratkiewicz, who are the innovators of the Arcade method, have enabled the knowledge of a practical basis for the treatment of various types of adult nails. In addition to the Ark of Treatment of Nails, which is being carried out with great success, Dr. Milos is currently working on a training program for the UniBrace system that helps to maintain the correct shape of the nail, without the problem repeating.

Based on his knowledge and experience, Dr Miloš completed and improved the standard medical pedicure with a new protocol of work and new special instruments. In this way, patients were provided with a painless and comfortable treatment for every type of skin change – from the blisters, through the corrosive eye, to the nipples, and provided complete sterile conditions and instruments. In addition, he devoted a lot of time to educating patients, not only for the importance of regular subclinical treatments, but also for regular and regular foot care in home conditions.

His work with diabetic feet is especially emphasized, because these treatments require the greatest expertise and professionalism.

Patients recognize his unique approach to work, creating a special connection and trust in Dr. Miloš. With his work in the field of underology, he contributed to popularizing this area and finally finding people a solution to their foot problems.

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After initial contact with our specialist you will receive complete treatment plan with estimated prices and detail description of the procedure.

Our Specialist

Dr Milos Stanojevic – Specialist of podology

  • Specialist of podiatry-podology
  • Finished Medical University 2014. in Serbia
  • Worked 3 years in 101 Foot Clinic Serbia, now working in Foot Clinic M&S Belgrade
  • Studied in Poland in Centrum Podologiczno-Medyczne Podoland with Daniel Abratkiewcz and Adrian Arkada inovators of Arcada metod and UniBrace system for ingrowing nails

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